CSK-1C Space Experimental Furnace:

Development and production of the programmable space crystallizer CSK-1C for the material research in Space (operational on board MIR orbital laboratory from 1984 up to 2001). It was used for numerous experiments within the INTERKOSMOS programme, EuroMIR'94 and EuroMIR'95 missions and others.

CSK1 graph CSK1

Establishment and operation the laboratory for the ground-based preparation, realisation and scientific evaluation of space experiments (International Users Support Centre for Interkosmos projects in materials sciences which also served for German experiment TES in 1993-4).

CSK1 - ESA CSK1C space furnace with Klaus-Pieter Flade
CSK-1C furnace - astronauts Pedro Duque (Spain) and Ulf Merbold (Germany) CSK-1C space furnace with the German astronaut Klaus-Pieter Flade (Project MIR'92) (Photo DLR, Germany)

Temperature profiles
Temperature profiles
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